America's most fuel-efficient sedan is the new Ford Fusion

Posting EPA-certified 47 mpg across the board for its hybrid model, the all-new Ford Fusion is the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in America. Fusion Hybrid tops Toyota Camry Hybrid by 4 mpg city and 8 mpg highway. With the widest range of powertrain options in the segment, Fusion brings unprecedented power of choice to U.S. midsize sedan intenders.


Craig Daitch  |  cdaitch@ford.com  |  313.594.7903

'47 Challenges, 47 Days'

The latest chapter in Random Acts of Fusion, "47 Challenges, 47 Days," adds new interactive content that will give consumers multiple chances to win a new Ford Fusion. The new challenges, which kicked off in Times Square, all revolve around the number 47, inspired by the 47 mpg fuel economy rating of the all-new Fusion Hybrid. Ford's unique transmedia marketing program, Random Acts of Fusion has already introduced Fusion to millions of fans.


Craig Daitch  |  cdaitch@ford.com  |  313.594.7903

Ford sets Guinness World Records® achievement

Ford set a Guinness World Records® achievement by holding the world's largest game of "Red Light – Green Light" on Tuesday. A unique and fun element of a celebration at Ford's Dearborn World Headquarters, part of a five-city U.S. launch of the new Fusion, 451 employees played the game to showcase the Auto Start-Stop feature on the new 1.6-liter EcoBoost® Fusion. Auto Start-Stop lets drivers save fuel and produce fewer emissions when stopped in traffic.


Craig Daitch  |  cdaitch@ford.com  |  313.594.7903

Ford reduces use of rare earth metals while improving fuel efficiency

Neodymium, cerium, lanthanum and praseodymium – rare earth metals used in the manufacture of nickel-metal-hydride batteries for hybrid vehicles – are a thing of the past at Ford, where lighter, more efficient, more powerful batteries are expected to reduce the company's use of rare earth metals by up to 500,000 pounds a year. Dysprosium, the most expensive rare earth metal, is reduced around 50 percent in the new lithium-ion batteries now powering Ford hybrids. These li-ion batteries also result in better fuel efficiency.


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